Friday, April 16, 2010

The Cons of the Halogen Ovens

Halogen ovens are the latest in cooking technology, but as with any new device you should take care not to jump in full forced without being informed. This is not to say halogen ovens are not worth the money or that they don’t actually work, but if you are more able to closely match your expectations with your purchase you will be a lot happier. The fact is, there are a variety of Halogen ovens on the market so do your research, take into account the pros of halogen ovens, and you should be able to decide if the purchase is worth it to you. We've already looked at some halogen oven benfits, now for some things to think about.

The interesting thing about the halogen oven is that for every “pro” listed there is a contrasting “con”:

Speed of cooking – is it better to be able to cook an entire chicken in less than half the time? Obviously there are advantages to that, but also consider that something is lost from the cooking experience when you can pile a bunch of ingredients into a machine, push a button, and half an hour later everything is cooked to perfection. It may be a bit too much like “the Jetsons” for a traditional cook. For people who love cooking, the process is about lovingly looking over your roast, basting it with care, and slow oven roasting it so that all the flavours melt through. Now if the end product tastes the same then would it make sense to just go with the speedier oven? That is entirely up to you; just remember that cooking is so easy with halogen ovens that the process is extremely simplified, which might not be as satisfying for some. However, if you aren’t a hardcore cooking enthusiast and you just want a fast meal that tastes great, then halogen cooking is the way to go.

Cost of a machine – The cost of a halogen ovens will be different for each person as there are varying models out there on the market that fit differing needs. There is also cost saving inherently built into the machine since it saves energy, uses less electricity, and forgoes the wasteful process of pre-heating an oven. There is also a wide range of machines that cover the gamut from cheap to quite costly. And basically you will get what you pay for. So if your budget is limited, you can participate in halogen cooking of course, but the product you get at a cheaper price simply won’t be as good as an expensive one. Make sure to look at prices and compare products and features to see that while halogen ovens aren’t priced out of range, be prepared to spend a little more to get a good quality product.

When looking at different types of halogen ovens take into account:

construction material, appearance

power usage and output, heat range

design and size, portability, length of cord

extra space or levels, racks and compartments

varying function such as roasting, rotisserie, steamer, broiler

Do your research because there are some definite clunkers out there. Check back to this site for product reviews and halogen cooking recipes.


mickoy said...

does the infrared emitted by halogen oven do not compromised our health? how much wavelength does it produced?

Chris Hollaway said...

Humans emit infrared radiation.