Friday, April 16, 2010

Pros of a Halogen Oven

Should you invest in a halogen oven? The answer will depend on a variety of factors including how often you cook, what your budget is, and what types of food you usually eat. As for the machine itself, a halogen cooker has its own benefits and disadvantages and these should be considered before you invest in one of these high powered cooking devices.

Halogen Oven Pros

Until they invent the next level of cooking technology that zaps meat with energy harnessed from an alien moon, halogen cooking is the fastest way to cook right now. With this device you can cook something like an entire chicken in a relatively short time so you can enjoy meals that you might not otherwise prepare. In a bustling world that values free time and convenience, you could save a lot of time with a halogen oven.

Ok, so speed is one thing, but a microwave oven can cook pretty fast too so how does the food taste? Unlike a microwave oven where you would never want to cook a whole chicken or roast beef, a halogen oven produces food that tastes great. It can simulate a grill, broil, fry, or a full oven. So it takes the speed of a microwave and the taste of a conventional oven.

Imagine carrying around the oven you have in your kitchen now. It would be pretty impossible. But with a halogen oven, you could carry it to any location in your kitchen. You can even take it over to a friend’s house if you wanted. So while it’s not something like a laptop that you could take anywhere, it is much more portable than a regular oven and even a microwave.

Halogen ovens save energy in terms of electrical use and overall efficiency. So if the environment and conserving energy are concerns to you then this cost-saving device is a way to go. The smaller size and quicker heat-up also eliminates the extremely wasteful practice of preheating an entire oven. You also won’t have to open the halogen oven as much since you won’t need to reposition your food in most cases.

Sometimes using a conventional oven involves a bit of guess work. You have to hope that the oven is actually at the temperature you want, and we all know what it is like to work with an oven with a cloudy window that we can’t see thru. Sometimes our meat just sits inside while we hope for the best. With a microwave who knows how long to re-heat a piece of meat before it bursts open. A Halogen oven is comprised mostly of a see-through material that will allow you to see your food at all times. So that means you can watch it cook, which is fun in itself, but also make sure everything looks right to avoid over or under-cooking. There really is no other cooking device that allows you to see what you’re cooking so clearly.
Overall, halogen cooking is healthier since you won’t need to use as much oil or grease for cooking. In fact, any fatty substances you will use would be for taste purposes only so you can make it as fat or as healthy as you like. Another advantage is that your food will retain its natural juices and moisture, with a lower chance of getting overcooked or dry.

So as you can see, halogen ovens can be great, but don't just walk in blindy. Take a look at some of the halogen oven cons to make sure it is right for you.

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