Friday, April 16, 2010

Halogen Cooking Tips

So you’ve eagerly purchased your new halogen oven and now you’re drying to try out a recipe or two. The first thing to keep in mind is to avoid the temptation of throwing everything into the oven at the same time. It may seem irresistible, it may even seem like a good idea, but cooking with a halogen oven will require planning just as if you were doing more conventional cooking. The convenience and ease of use comes with the cooking time, not being able to skimp on ingredients or preparation.

So the first thing you’ll want to do is plan a menu. This will depends on different features in varying brands of halogen cooker. There are probably a multitude of meats you want to try but start with something simple – it will be delicious either way. Also think about portion size as a halogen oven is best used when serving two to three people. Larger meals are certainly doable but you may need more than just your halogen oven when you want to incorporate a lot of dishes. So if you want to stick to pure halogen cooking then plan a menu with one main meat, source and then some accompanying vegetables or sides that can be made in the oven as well.
Using your new cooker can be a great way to usher in a whole new wave of healthy eating. Consider using fresh ingredients and avoid all the fats and oils you used with your old oven. It may be tempting to load up foods with delicious butter or fat but remember that halogen cooking does not require any non-stick cooking substances or lubricants since you will get moist and juicy products any way you go. So take this as a cue to use less fat, less oil, finer cuts of meat, less frying, less grease, and better quality ingredients overall. The halogen cooker has a way of concentrating ingredients so use the ones that provide the best flavour in addition to keeping you trim. This new way of cooking can revolutionize your health if you approach it properly.
A halogen oven will make things easier but it won’t eliminate work entirely. So you will still want to marinade and season appropriately. True, you can cook meat from a frosted state, but this should be avoided if you want full flavour. So take the time you will save during the cooking process and use it to handle your meat with care. Chicken, beef, and pork are all better when seasoned with the very basics of salt and pepper. Add to that varying spices and herbs and don’t be afraid to let meat sit in a marinade overnight. Combined with the circulating heat and concentrated temperatures, a well prepared piece of meat will have the best chance of cooking to perfection.

With experience you will be able to plan all types of meals in your halogen cooker. Take into account your halogen oven may have varying levels and racks that you can use to great effect. You might be able to time one main meat, keep it warm in your conventional oven, and prepare a second main dish accordingly. The options are only limited by your imagination, and seasoned chefs will soon be able to incorporate halogen cooking in all types of ways that enhance their menus.

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